The Jaguar As Animal Spirit

I have just had this superb reading from an Angel on Earth, a gifted shaman:

I just went on the journey and this is what I saw:

I wanted to go with you to the upper world to meet a teacher of yours. But you didn´t want to go up, you preferred to wait for me in the every-day-reality, sitting on a stone. So I went alone and the atmosphere got very structured – it was like I was walking in a mental area of somebody who is thinking a lot. I sat down and asked for help. A young man appeared and it was a young Benito, maybe 18 years old. He was smiling and didn´t have that strong mental energy. He looked back down on earth where you were sitting on that stone and waved his hand at you. You weren´t sure how to react, you seemed rather serious. Young Benito tried to cheer you up and he also tried to connect you to your roots.

I asked him about the money and something drew me into his eyes. There was something yellow with sprinkles, and when I followed I saw a jaguar from an animated cartoon. He sat there, concentrated, and then he jumped far away. On the one hand it had something playful, and on the other hand the jaguar energy was very strong, because when he jumped he did it 100%, without any doubt.

I wasn´t sure how to interpret that but everytime I asked I saw the same concentrated jump. 

I went back to Young Benito and asked him. He said it was quite obvious: you should dare to jump. He also said it isn´t really about the money. Actually it is all about a decision that you take and then you start acting. Young Benito seemed to be more easy-going than you now, but there also was serious energy – I guess you are a person that is able to jump


Maybe these pictures leave you with certain questions, since there is no concrete description on how to obtain money. That’s what most people experience when they ask the spiritual world about money – in the end money is “just” a means in the material world. But the spiritual world wants you to grow and to understand the lessons behind the “problems”. 

From this perspective, the question would not be “How can I obtain the money” but rather something like: “What must I understand and transform so that money can flow to me” or “What is it really that hinders me to fulfill my dreams?” Money seems to be an obvious obstacle but money is just a form of energy. A lack of money can be caused by limiting beliefs, for example, and this would be the topic to work on. 

Referring to your journey I see 2 basic messages for you there:

  1. Try to connect to your roots – which includes your family, your culture and their powers. Maybe you could laugh more, take life more easy, trust more in life – it is for you to remember what you have forgotten
  2. Be aware of the power that lies inside of you! Do you know your ability to take strong decisions and to act them out with impeccability?
    Does the picture of the jaguar remind you of something?

What to do next?

So how could you proceed? First of all I recommend you to check if this business idea of yours is a heartfelt dream (I didn´t see it in the journey). If it is one, there will be a way to realize it. And if it really is something you burn for, you can start today. Please try to feel not dependent on money. This is really important because it changes your whole perspective. If you wait for the money you put yourself in a position of a victim, that can´t start yet and is distant from his dream. But if you keep acting and trust that the money will be there when the time has come you can be in the flow and enjoy every step of the way. I believe this is the only way it works.

Maybe there is something you can organize today, people you can talk to today, make a concept or whatever it needs … the point is to act out of the confidence that it will come true. Then the universe has many possibilities to help you on the way.

The jaguar is a good example – every act is full of awareness, though he may not know which concrete action will lead to success. And yet he likes to play and enjoys life.

I also recommend you to talk to Young Benito. Make a fantasy journey or a meditation and ask him what he thinks. He seems to be a source of power for you. Alternatively you can go into the future and talk to the person you will be in 5 or 10 years (the version who has fulfilled his dream). Ask him what advises he has for you and what you need to go on. These are very old and potent methods–Karin Sobeck  (Karin is highly recommended; touch base with her for your shamanic readings.)

Yes, I did meet once my spirit animal:  it was huge and fat and with dots of brown and gold, and it resembled a tiger.  So my impression was it was a tiger.  It was trying to engage me in a wrestling match.  It appeared to me while I dived into a hypnotic state with Native Indian drum beats.  With the blue moon of July 31 came the urge for  shamanic rituals ( I got two so far–I believe these egalitarians were sent to me for the readings.)

My first reading was from the fist shaman’s spiritual teacher.  The second reading was an offshoot of the first, which referenced that the teacher would send in an angel with whom to consult.

I do have strong vibes with animal spirits.  Suffice it to say that the spirit animal to which you are affiliated is also full of wisdom, which you can absorb just by observing how it operates.  The spirit animal also comes to you in dreams, which impart important messages.


A seeking spirit is not content just with the five senses. When you seek knowledge of the spirit, the universe finds a way for you to have that knowledge. It is is this context that one has to seek out a shaman to satisfy one’s craving for wholeness. That is, if one has not cultivated yet shamanistic skills.

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