Did Filipinos help build the Chinese islands?


The Society of Honor by Joe America

sand mining coastalcare dot orgLet us imagine the worst of the worst of those amongst us, those Filipinos who are in business, not for the betterment of mankind, or even Filipino-kind, but for themselves.

Who are a few of these despicables?

  • Soldiers who sell arms to rebels.
  • Filipinos who traffic in Filipino women and children.
  • Mayors who sell their civic oath to a Binay for financial consideration.
  • Smugglers who sell sand to China to build military islands in Philippine territory.

“Whoa!” you say. “Wait! Wait! Stop just a minute! What sand? When? Where?”

Me, too. That’s what I said when I read reader Vicara’s stunning revelation, which I have condensed for brevity:

  • Reports have been floated – and have yet to be followed in depth by the news media – that sand and other raw materials quarried in Ilocos have been used for the Spratly buildup by China. This could not have happened without a local business agreement, which…

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