Your Teacher is Here


You’ve got serendipity when your teacher shows up–basically because the student is ready.  This teacher has so much power that the instant he does things for you, the ailment that you have been suffering from for the past three years goes pfft, just like that.

And when he opens his mouth, the golden nuggets that spew forth dance in a kaleidoscope of colors in front of you and you cherish every word of it.

He came forth at the right time, just when you are about to give up.  Lo, and behold, he also is an old soul, just like you, albeit a more developed one.  He says that old souls have reincarnated gazillion times since the dawn of time and that they are suckers for impossible tasks and problems, the better to perfect themselves.  Thus, in his present incarnation, his physical body yearns for respite, but his soul has this urge to live in a war-like environment.  The teacher is saying that the old soul’s taskmasters are akin to the army sergeant who gives you push-ups at the slightest urge, but that all the sergeant wants is for you to evolve into a man of steel.

Teacher Ronaldo then says that in order for an old soul to materially progress, he must have  self-induced amnesia about the past and concentrate on the NOW, for it is the foundation for a better tomorrow.  The rewards of tomorrow have their seeds in the now.  It might be difficult to forget about past transgressions, but in this instance forgetfulness is a must for one to progress going forward.

As the teacher is a master of the Tarot, he offers you a fresh deck of cards, saying that tarot cards have memories and using a deck used for other persons will not give an accurate reading it being contaminated by the previous persons for whom it was used.  He shuffles the brand new cards for a good fifteen minutes with the justification that he has to give the cards his life force to better connect, nay converse with it.  He then lays out three cards from right to left, the first card representing your past, the second the present and the third the future.

He then gives out the secret that ALL billionaires and Hollywood superstars rely on teachers like him that they consult on a daily or weekly basis and that these powerful men and women will not act on a situation until they get the wisdom from the psychic realm. The reason these people hide this secret is so that they project that their success comes from grit and not from spirit.  So much for dishonesty in this world.

Then, wow, you realize that you’ve got the luck to even be considered by this teacher.  He is saying that there are no coincidences; that you have had this connection from previous incarnations.

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