Loyalty With a Capital L

There is too much at stake in the 2016 Presidential Election in the Philippines.  One false move by the electorate will mean damnation, with Filipinos going back to square one at best and going the way of a failed state at worst. With Europe now being overtaken by refugees from failed states, it behooves Filipinos to really, really weigh things out before casting their votes.  We don’t want to become boat people in search of a place in the sun.

Mar Roxas (right) with President Noynoy Aquino

In voting for the next president of the Philippines, the loyalty of the candidates should be up there. Loyalty to good governance protocols; loyalty to country, as differentiated from selling out to the Chinese, for example, which sadly happened in the Gloria Arroyo reign.  Loyalty in the sense that the candidates should be bonafide Filipino citizens, and have not had a record of giving up that citizenship. Loyalty to the gains of the Aquino administration in the social, economic and political fronts.

And who would measure up to the above paradigms?  It is only Mar Roxas, that’s who.

Mar Roxas’s loyalty quotient is 10 of 10.  He is unassuming too, not full of hubris.  He is very capable, with the experience in good governance and a Wharton education to boot.  He is not easily rattled by challenges; he just keeps going, producing results for the common good.

To paraphrase esteemed U.P. Economist Winnie Monsod:  Filipinos must be a stupid lot to elect a man or woman of questionable character to lead the country.

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  1. @iSupportMRRD says:

    or woman.. u got me there.

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