Enlightening Videos

As 2015 draws to a close The free thinker gets an ample Dose of gotchas, like asking What that cloud is doing Floating and not dumping rain

Adverting to History

At the same time that we are in the Christmas Season, PH Election 2016 is very much in our consciousness. In choosing the next president of the Philippines, it pays to go back to history. Destiny, leadership and capability are in the DNA as well. We are now on the right path, and a detour…

What is Ormus?

Man is essentially body. mind and spirit. Whereas the material body/shell is nourished by food, the mind and spirit is fed with Ormus. Legend has it that the ancients had lived hundreds to thousands of years, and that such longevity was attributed to the ingestion of Ormus (or manna). In theory, once you get on the Ormus regimen, the left and right sides of the brain function as one, and duality is no more. You become a superpower, able to know the secrets of the universe and can access different dimensions of time and space–the case of bilocation, for example.