What is Ormus?

Of great import to me right now is Ormus, which is considered the fifth state of matter. Of recent coinage, the word comes from ORME or Orbitially Rearranged Monoatomic Elements. The phrase was coined by David Radius Hudson, who has done an enormous amount of research on the subject (of which he has in turn shared with thousands of others). The word ORME — perhaps coincidentally, or perhaps not — is the same as the Hebrew word which means: the Tree of Life.

By definition, the words “ORMUS” and “ORME” refer to exactly the same state of matter. I think we should take a clue from the people who originated these terms when defining them. David Hudson, in his 1995 Dallas lecture, equated the terms by saying that they both mean the “Golden Tree of Life”:

“Now if that isn’t heavy enough for you, when I found out that the name for the golden tree of life was the ORME, ormus or ormes.”

He made this equivalence even more evident in other lectures which have not been transcribed. In a couple of these lectures David Hudson talks about writing a book about these materials and his discovery of them. He says that the title of this book will be “Ormus”. Titling a book about these materials “Ormus” very much sounds to me like he was open to using this term when referring to these materials. Here is a quote from his Global Sciences lecture:

“There is a book being written on it, it will be out in about 8 to 9 months also. It will be called ORMUS, it will be in all bookstores, we are not sure it will be published by one of the big publishing houses, if not, we will publish it ourselves. It will be a biography, it will be the story of my life and my quest for the Holy Grail and the acquisition of it.”

It is also clear that Hudson was applying the term ORME to the natural form of these elements. This is particularly evident in his patents where he actually tried to patent the natural ORME form of these elements:

“More particularly, this invention relates to the separation of the aforesaid transition and noble metal elements from naturally occurring materials in their orbitally rearranged monoatomic forms, and to the preparation of the aforesaid transition and noble metal elements in their orbitally rearranged monoatomic forms from their commercial metallic forms.”

Later in his patent he specifically states that the ORMEs have a natural form:

“During efforts to effect quantitative analytical separations of transition metals from naturally occurring materials, it was discovered that ORMEs exist naturally and are found in salts with alkali metals and/or alkaline earth metals, all of which are coupled with waters of hydration and normally found with silica and alumina.”

Man is essentially body. mind and spirit. Whereas the material body/shell is nourished by food, the mind and spirit are fed with Ormus. Legend has it that the ancients had lived hundreds to thousands of years, and that such longevity was attributed to the ingestion of Ormus (or manna). In theory, once you get on the Ormus regimen, the left and right sides of the brain function as one, and duality is no more. You become a superpower, able to know the secrets of the universe and can access different dimensions of time and space–the case of bilocation, for example. Also, the ancients just disappeared suddenly without a trace, except their dwellings–and could it be that they had teleported themselves to another dimension, an ability that they acquired with the ingestion of Ormus?

Ormus is omnipresent. It is in the air, water, soil, rocks and plants. Its availability requires alchemy or back-engineering a substance to it monoatomic parts. The common practice is to treat saltwater with alkali with pH 10.7 as endpoint. The Ormus then settles as a precipitate, which, after a time is separated and washed in distilled water.

Ormus, anyone?

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