On the Reimposition of the Death Penalty

Talia Mintay (left), the oldest person in Guinarona, PH, at 104. No to death penalty!



Dear Congressmen and Senators,

This pertains to the reimposition of the death penalty, as being ordered by incoming president Duterte.

First off, Duterte’s ascent to power was based on manufactured crisis, which the naive electorate bought, hook line and sinker. Please don’t pile on it; it was a mistake to elect him to begin with, why should you commit more mistakes by acquiescing to his whims? Please take heart that you represent the Filipino people as a whole.

Man is not a basket that you have created, and can thus be destroyed by you. Man is part-God, and when you kill him, you are killing God Himself. The death penalty is akin to abruptly changing day into night—which you cannot do—and changing the natural rhythm as well. The penal system is there to reform people, to give them a chance to rectify their mistakes. Why not build on it?

When my mother was on her death bed, it was so agonizing a moment. I was storming the heavens for mitigation, for a delay of her passing. But it was the natural time for her to go, and accept we did. In some cultures, natural passing is a time for jubilation, as the individual has finished his schooling on earth and has thus graduated. Pray, let us stick with the natural flow of things. Let us build and not destroy.

Treason, like selling the country to China, is a capital offense; yet Duterte is chummy chummy to the offenders. Where’s the logic in that?

Again, please don’t commit another mistake by being a bootlicker.

Thank you,


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