Proof of the Indestructability of The Soul


Materialization of an exotic bird by Polish medium Teofil Modrzejewski
Materialization of an exotic bird by Polish medium Teofil Modrzejewski


Note:  Since the beginning of history, the esoteric truths were handed down from the Spirit World through mediums and human channels,  The Bible was written in this fashion, where Spirit possesses the medium in a trance state, and the medium, such as St. Paul, would do automatic writing.

There are humans who are a natural in this kind of esotericism; they are born with the gift or that the gift has been in his DNA all along.  In the Philippines we have such shamans in the persons of mambabarangs and faith healers.

In focus here is the experience of Teofil Modrzejewski, a Polish medium of extraordinary powers.  Modrzejewski proved that even animals go to another dimension when they die.  After all, every life is energy, and energy is not destroyed.  They just go to another dimension.


Teofil Modrzejewski  pseudonym  Franek Kluski 


Franek Kluski was born in a comfortably well off family in Warsaw.

Franek’s father had the same gifts but never sat in seance situations. His uncle was a catholic priest and was said to have clairvoyant visions. Franek was a sickly child after having measles, scarletina, smallpox and typhoid fever then as if to to round them all off he caught pneumonia.

At five or six he started seeing Spirit in physical formation so was not at all afraid of the Spirit World, he found the Spirit friends welcoming and kind with him. When little he used to hide under the covers on a chair and when asked by his parents what he was doing he said, “I am staying here with my mole”, even though he had never seen a mole; his friend were very jealous of him because of his mole friend. It was said of him he was always looking as though he was in a dreamy like state, wanting his own company and staying in the quietness and contemplative solitude away from his peers. Franek possessed the ability to see forthcoming events. In later life, he is described as well educated and spoke different languages.

This is only a small part of Franek’s own account of what happened to him when he was growing up.

During the day the little boy stayed in a corner, sleeping or lying on his back, with an abstract look. In the evening when the lamps were lit he became animated. In the room where his parents sat he used to take two chairs. He covered them with a shawl, and crept into this improvised tent with a book, although he could not read. He kept very still and when his parents asked him what he was doing he would always answer he was going to see “the mole”. His mother said ” do you even know what a mole is”? ” How can you see a mole in the middle of town”?

His playmates envied his seeing a mole, for the children never doubted his words.

One day his parents had gone out, and he was playing with other children, he made a larger tent than usual. with chairs and a big coverlet, he invited other children, their little nursemaid, and his younger sister to ‘come and see the mole’.

Outside it was freezing hard, the room was heated by a large porcelain stove, which then gave out sharp crackling sounds. The nursemaid, thinking the stove was overheating, wanted to open the door, but as the crackling became louder she was afraid and remained still. The children, too, were afraid  to move. The boy then rose and went out of the tent towards the stove. At that moment the lamp went out, and from out of the door of the stove came a blue mist, which surrounded the boy as it floated out into the room. The children cried out in fear, but the little boy told them not to be afraid, it was just the mole coming. He got them all together under the tent to tell them a story of the mole. His voice changed. It is said “the road to the mole is a very long one; it goes through a long dark passage, one must wait until the darkness passes; it then become brighter”. He said that when children died they are buried because they can get at the mole more easily. He advised the children to be very quiet and good, so as to get to the mole without frightening it. The children agreed to stay quiet, and to do this better they joined hands. There was in the room a small clock, which sounded the hour if you pulled a string. There was no one near the clock, which sounded continuously. The little boy said it is like that when you are going to see the mole. They heard the sound of light footsteps in the room and thought the cat had got in, but the little boy told them it was the mole who was coming.

Although the room was in darkness, inside the tent it was lit with a dim light, and the children saw, to their amazement, a little brother and sister who had died. They understood that these were going to the kingdom of the mole, and were more amazed than afraid.

The figures of the children faded little by little, and the children begged the little boy to go on with the journey to the mole. He told them it was impossible, but showed them a small luminous fissure, and told them to look through it. Before their eyes unrolled a number of rooms and passages, lit as with gems. The rooms were filled with human forms, transparent and bright, floating in the air. The children looked on in admiration, and each wondered “Am I  here for the first time”.

“The nursemaid acted strangely; she kissed the cheeks of the boy, kissed his hands, and pressed him to her heart as though she would not let him go.”

But the landscapes being shown began to fade and a gust of wind seemed to blow away the rooms and the people, and then they all vanished.

Noises were heard in the house, the dog barked, and this parent returned from the theatre. The children rushed out of the tent to their parents, shouting that they had been to see the mole, which was disastrous for the nursemaid as the children were up so late. The nursemaid got a scolding, the hero of the seance got a good few slaps, and they were all sent to bed. The little boy did not care, he knew as soon as they were all in bed and the house was quiet, he could return to the mole.

Whilst he was still young he experienced OBE’s (Out of Body Experiences), saw deceased relatives and a great variety of animals, going to where they were.

As he grew up, he was taught different languages, became a Banker, writer and poet. He also participated in a duel at the age of 27, in which he was said to be hurt.

It was in 1918 after a seance with Jean Guzikthat Franek Kluski now 45 started being recognized by the general public as a talented Medium even though the Spirit World had been with him since childhood. The recognition of his amazing seances started to gradually filter out into the public domain in the 1900’s. The Society for Psychical Research has a lot more information on Franek Kluski.

Later in life he gained fame with the materialization of the spiritual beings being produced. They were reported “to be the hand and the face of a being; the spiritual hairy being, homo erectus” (woskowy press). The Spirit World produced through Franek a spiritual bird something like an European Nightjar also a lion like creature which would walk around the table, a dog on occasions appeared and placed itself on the lap of a sitter and lick the other sitters as would the hairy humanoid. The humanoid creature would sometimes when asked, lift the heavy library sofa above the heads of the sitters, a very heavy bronze statue was lifted above the heads of the sitters and taken around the seance at height. All this was witnessed by amongst others a well-known Polish writer Tadeusz Boy-Zelenski.. At one seance it is reported the humanoid grabbed a lady sitter’s hand and placed it against its face, which caused the lady to shriek with the shock. Many of the Kluski seances had to be brought to an end because of the rather rough nature of this humanoid with the sitters.

There were many people from different walks of life who attended his seances. Over the years it is said that many thousands must have attended his seances where he demonstrated his gifts. There were professional magicians, people from the military, parapsychologists, professors, many academics of different levels, people from the churches, and ordinary folk from the surrounding areas.

Over time he demonstrated public seances which were done in many different places, the lighting was not always constant and regimented. It was sometimes with a red light, and sometimes in darkness and luminous plaque. Many times the Spirit World would make their own light in the darker seances, so the sitters could see the formation of the materialized people. It is documented that hundreds of Spirit People came through Franek and were recognized by the sitters as loved ones, friends and relatives, animals and birds, who had long been what we call dead. They would begin to form as a smoky haze, then gradually build up into a shape as they became more visible until every recognizable formation of the person was there for all the sitters to see. It is documented that there were at times not just one person but many wondering around the room, at other times in other seances there were many more who’s presence was felt as an impression of the Spirit People there with the sitters. Another instance is documented when it is said “Great numbers of them [Spirit People] appeared virtually simultaneously”

Prof. F. W. Pawlowski wrote how the apparitions sometimes appeared at some distance from Kluski. In his observations he noted some Spirit formations walked around like they would  normally on the earth plane, they would walk around the room and smile at the sitters, if they did not recognize anyone there they would go up to them and study them intently, other Spirit People that appeared in the seance would fly above the sitters’ heads. Those Spirit People who could speak did so in his/her own language. Some Spirits at times, could read the sitters’ minds as they responded to what a sitter was thinking before anything was said. Some chose to communicate by raps, but the voices of those who did speak were reported to have been perfectly clear and normally loud, but with a sound like a loud whisper.

Kluski was a very important Medium because he laid to rest the idea that animals do not survive death, and do not go to the Higher vibration level as humans do. He was recorded as producing a Spirit Person with their animal friend and as soon as the Spirit Person left, so did his/her animal companion. This is one definite proof that all animals carry on to the higher levels of the Spirit World.

In a red light seance, a hawk-like bird, [an apport] which was photographed, flew around the room with its wings beating against the walls, and a lion-type of animal walked around the seance room with its tail swishing against the furniture and licking the sitters, and when it left, there was an acrid smell of the beast. [or could it have been the ectoplasm smell].

Franek was accomplished Automatic Writing Medium with the help of the Spirit World. It is said that he walked around with strange smells and lights being emitted from him. The needle of a compass would go erratic when he was near. Spirit produced apparitions in daylight near him even when he was not in a seance situation. Tests showed there was always a drop in temperature when Kluski was present.

There are many reports of lights going around the seance room very fast, different smells being produced, loud knocks and raps being heard, at times Kluski was teleported from the locked seance room to a different location where he was later found asleep. Again reported, he was many times seen in a different locations from the one he was actually in. The Spirit World very often used to visit him during the night in his room, walking around and making their presence known by making a noise then illuminating themselves so they could be seen by him.

Franek Kluski is well known for his moulds of Spirit Peoples’ hands and feet when asked to do so. These moulds were made by the Spirit World by putting their hand or foot in a bath [bowl] of molten paraffin wax a few times so the fine details of the persons body parts were made, generally of the extremities of their limb up to the small part of the foot [ankle] or hand [wrist] were set in the time hardened wax., this proved to all who attended the seance and in the outside world that materialization had taken place, also it should be pointed out there must have been dematerialization to get out of the narrow space of the ankle or wrist, without damage of that narrow part of the wax cast.

One strange thing happened in tests with Kluski, while he was in trance and restrained by Prof. Charles Richet and Dr Gustave Geley, they were holding his hands while sitting on either side of the Medium. Unknown to Kluski the experimenters had put into the molten wax some soluble cholesterin so they could find out if any fraud was taking place. [a chemical reaction to form a coloured violet-red stain happens when sulphuric acid is introduced to the paraffin wax mould or where ever it touches]. With both Doctors sitting at either side, and holding onto Kluski during the whole of the experimental seance, moulds were again produced by the Spirit World. The wax mouldings at the end of the seance, turned out to be of a young child’s foot and their hand. Professor Richet recorded it and said it was a total mystery because they could not figure it out as they were holding the Medium’s hand throughout, only to say it was not in any way done by the Medium himself because of the fact, the both of them had restrained him.

At a wide variety of seances in many different locations and circumstances Franek Kluski still produced materialization. Like other Mediums of the time he was subjected to conducting a seance in the nude or in a brightly lit venue. Quite often as happens in many other seances with other Physical Mediums, the Spirit Entities used their own light to show themselves, or they used the luminous plaque by holding it up towards themselves to show the sitters that they were there in the seance.

In the The Mediumship of Franek Kluski of Warsaw, by F. W. Pawlowski, Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, 1925, he says  “the light from the plaque is so good that I could see the pores and the down on the skin of their faces and hands”. “One frequent spirit visitor not only provided enough light to ensure that he could be seen, but this also illuminated the sitters and much of the seance room”.

The health of the Medium took its toll on the phenomena at times, if he was not well, the phenomena and the materializations were weak and small in stature. Inclement weather also played its part in the form of storms and if there was thunder and lightning around, the phenomena would be adversely effected.

Like most Mediums who go through the trauma of physical phenomena Franek Kluski ended up exhausted after the seances and did not sleep very good after them. BUT most remarkable is the fact being reported of him vomiting blood. [This I feel was because the sitters were not taking care of Franek himself, while in the state of trance producing physical phenomena and interruptions in the Mediumship while producing ectoplasm. If ectoplasm is drawn back into the Medium after a sudden shock, or sudden noise in the seance, it is known that is can cause internal bleeding, as happened in the last seance of Helen Duncan which sadly killed her].

When in trance Frank Kluski was able to allow Spirit the use of his body for the production of luminous patina to his hands and body as though they were transparent. This happened in test conditions with a Dr Gustave Geley [French researcher]

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  1. Amber Choisella says:

    I’m a Spiritualist by religion and I love the history presented here! Love to learn about other cultures who embrace different forms of Spiritualism, thanks for sharing!

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