Why Malacanang had to Stop the Senate Hearing at all Cost & Proof of Senators’ Evil Scheme to Sabotage the Hearing


…the problem started when the Senate decided to have a face-to-face confrontation or identification of the D.D.S. members with Matobato. The President’s senators were later informed that these DDS members, mostly police officers, indeed knew Matobato and putting them under a face-to-face confrontation will make Matobato credible – he really knew them all! something Malacanang and the President’s senators sorely wanted to avoid. And worse this could lead to even more proofs that will confirm the existence of D.D.S. So they had to do something fast to stop that – at all cost… Then…

…the big show started at the next Senate hearing with the sudden outburst of Senator Gordon, a known Duterte puppy, against his beloved President. His over-acting was very obvious but he had me fooled for a while. Later I thought, so this was the reason he started attacking his beloved president – trying hard to…

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