The ‘Matrix’ of Leila de Lima’s Dilemma – the Possible Truth behind her Persecution


What will happen if you go after powerful personalities here in the Philippines? I will show you here what – as well as where, why and how all those accusations against Senator Leila de Lima started.

  • During the administration of G.M.A, then justice minister de Lima filed a case against Senator Panfilo Lacson for Dacer-Corbito murder case and ordered his arrest. She made the senator run as a fugitive for over a year, something that probably hurt the proud senator’s macho ego and therefore, something he never forgot. (According to Senator Miriam D. Santiago, he had been under the care of his alleged patron, Senator Juan P. Enrile during that time.)
  • After then Justice Secretary de Lima had Senators Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla (whom I will – together with Lacson – call ‘the gang‘ hereafter) jailed for P.D.A.F. scam, Senator Lacson started to make his moves…

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