My Beef With President Noy Aquino

By: Borgy Borgonia


My biggest peeve about Aquino: he just couldn’t let things settle with both the Marcoses and the Arroyos. Yes, they done fucked up. But you don’t have to fucking remind us every time you have the chance!

I didn’t have a problem with the bus incident and why he didn’t apologize because if he did that, he would compromise the country. Sure, it villified him, but it was necessary.

I didn’t have a problem with Yolanda. I worked for the government for 5 years. I know it takes years for places to recover from calamities of that level. And it was justified. COA outed Romualdez. The problem was too many people expected miracles and instant solutions and let emotions get in the way of understanding how processes and systems work. Just ask the victims of Hurricane Katrina who are still rebuilding after all this time. U.S. pa yun. Harsh reality: Walang instant maliban sa pancit canton.

I didn’t have a problem with SAF44. They were on a mission out on the field. There were errors and miscommunications in the chain of command. There was greed and pride involved which colored decision making. But blaming Aquino? If you don’t know how these operations work, particularly this one which was mired with problems, don’t fucking throw blame if you don’t know the right target.

I didn’t have a problem with “Laglag Bala”, because I knew it was an underhanded tactic that only showed up conveniently during campaign season. And disappeared just as quickly. If this was going on before that, you’d fucking better believe it would have spread fast. People on the inside of NAIA are not known for keeping their mouths shut. Tattletales are everywhere there.

I did have a problem with Luisita. More for his silence than anything.

I did have a problem with how he’s often slow to address internal administrative concerns, though he did act on them. He could have acted faster and not waste taxpayer’s money by axing the problem personnel sooner.

I did have a problem with how he was non-commital to issues about health care professionals’ compensation.

I did have a problem when he didn’t react to defend himself. Come on, man! Not addressing your critics is ok most of the time, but speak up when it’s critical. Being meek doesn’t mean to be passive all of the time.

And he was boring for the most part.

But I can’t deny the results. The economy was fine; better than fine. The world knew it. Banks knew it. Investors knew it. Under his watch, the sunshine industry of BPOs grew from being a trend to being a reliable industry employing 2 million+. We weren’t just relying on our OFW remittances anymore. Heck, minimum fare was P7! The last time that happened, Ramos was still the president. Only the people who can’t accept the truth denied how stable, even prosperous, the country was. He was the first President in over 30 years that was going to leave the office on a high economic footing, regardless of whoever won the elections.

The armed forces finally got new toys. Take note that Arroyo pretty much derailed any military improvement for nearly 10 years. 10 FUCKING YEARS. Aquino addressed that by getting brand new stuff rather than only refurbished and hand-me downs. Our fighting forces could actually retire the way past their time assault rifles. Our Air Force got, and continue to get, actual jets that aren’t just training props. We are getting Frigates, brand new ones, bidded and bought in the next few years.

And he wisely stood his ground and spat in Red China’s face. Where his predecessors looked up in the sky and pretended it’s not their problem, he pushed for recognition in the world arena that the bully dragon would not simply stride uncontested in OUR backyard. And we got support. HEAPS OF SUPPORT. Our neighbors realized they didn’t have to let Red China do as it pleases. That singular defiance made us realize again we are of noble, fearless blood.

And, fuck, there was an active DRUG OFFENSIVE. But people don’t recall because they aren’t named something fancy like OPLAN DOUBLE BARREL ALPHA (which really sounds like a movie starring Derek Dee, Ronald Gan Ledesma, and Mikey Arroyo). Just take a look at all the successful operations done which are documented in news. NOBODY TALKS ABOUT THOSE BECAUSE THEY WEREN’T IN-YOUR-FACE AND FEW CASUALTIES INVOLVED BY COMPARISON TO TODAY. It’s idiotic to think just because the “drug war” now is more bombastic that it is more effective. Quite the contrary, if you take off your Duterte covered glasses.

Yes, Aquino had faults. Lots of them. But he never made the country as chaotic and divisive as it is today. And he never compromised our national identity. I’d rather have a boring and lackluster president that has more positive, long term results, than one that is all entertaining bravado and big talk, but has little regard for the laws, lives, and the land he is sworn to protect.

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