Rappler Retaliates with a Big Bomb on the Palace, Exposes 15.5 Billion Peso Possible Corruption Case Involving Bong Go & Malacañang, with Proofs!


duterte-bong-go 2Trendolizer 7Rappler came out with an explosive retaliation – it dropped a bomb on Malacañang, exposing the possible corruption within the 15.5 billion pesos frigate purchase program. I will explain it in a very simple manner so everyone will understand this issue clearly, but for details, please click the original source of info for this blog (note: when I checked the link later after posting this, it was updated (edited) but I will stick with the original script):


(Disclaimer: views expressed in this blog are the opinions of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the truth. -Lulu Mendez)

Here is the outline of the event for your easy understanding:

  • During the Aquino administration, the government embarked on military modernization program which included the the Navy’s frigate purchasing project costing 15.5 billion pesos. This was finalized and signed by the Duterte administration, meaning, they are the ones responsible for its…

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