About Guinarona Parish, Leyte, Philippines, where San Pascual Baylon is king. With your help, we endeavor to make Guinarona a world-class site for pilgrimage tourism and eco tourism and the attendant concerns to make it happen… Also news and views about the pressing issues of the day.

A Flashback
Late in the 18th century, the Spanish conquistadores, in an effort to link settlements and spread Christianity, built roads and bridges crossing the interior towns of the province of Leyte, Philippines. “Karwahes” were then used as the only means of transportation. These trips by “Karwahe” were by no means easy nor convenient for the travelers. They were forced to stop at a place between trips for the animals to rest and the passengers to place their morals. The place was the beautiful settlement of Guinarona.

Founded in 1872, this progressive community once belonged to Burauen, but Dagami had a former claim on it. In the dispute that followed over the boundary, this barrio was ceded to Dagami, thereby getting its name “Guina-aro-na” (which literally means “has been asked”) in a dialect or simply Guinarona.  (Source: The Archdiocese of Palo website.)

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  1. Adz says:

    Where do I find ayahuasca in Leyte? Who do I approach to such an enigmatic sentient plant? Please feel free to reply to my email.

    1. anibongpalm says:

      There might be ayahuasca (or its equivalent) in the mountains of Leyte. But with the recent super typhoon devastation, the mountains now appear lifeless and the aborigines have descended to the plains to forage for food. We maintain this website in the U.S. and we got the ayahuasca from Peru through a distributor.

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