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Clarence Fahnestock Memorial State Park is in Putnam County and rather inaccessible to us public transport types. But a friend who lives nearby joined us and we HOVed there to explore a tiny bit of the 16,000 acre park, walking around Pelton Pond. This was originally man-made and then…

“The Truth About Enki”

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Nippur, Administrative Center of Enlil This was the city dedicated to Enlil and where he ruled from his Ekut or “house on the mountain.” At Nippur, Enlil exercised supreme command over all the Anunnaki on Earth before the Deluge. One of the hymns dedicated to him provides a graphic description of…

Don’t You Hear It?

Don’t You Hear It? DI NIYO BA NARIRINIG? (Do You Hear the People Sing from Les Miserables by Schönberg/Kretzmer) Di niyo ba naririnig? Tinig ng bayan na galit Himig ito ng Pilipinong Di muli palulupig Dudurugin ang dilim Ang araw ay mag-aalab At mga pusong nagtimpi Ay magliliyab Ikaw ba’y makikibaka At hindi maduduwag Na…

Be Enraged Against the Fake Drug War

Hello for the PH government being involved in drug importation and distribution, while at the same time engaging in a FAKE drug war. Very ironic, is it not?