A Pivot To China?

Think again. China is collapsing on frivolity and waste. Not good for Duterte to pivot to them. Meanwhile, the Taiwanese are making fun of Duterte.

Sorcery in Governance

In one of the comments in the Daily Inquirer, one posited, albeit with levity, that a sorcerer-consultant is dictating Duterte to kill as many as he can, so that he can can be macho forever. I find this plausible, considering that in his campaign sorties, Duterte would mete out towels with his lint to his…

For Love of Country

Country above self. This should be the motto of all Filipinos. We cannot afford to be fence-sitters. Not at this time when the country is in peril. Let us all support the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Let us not give our house to the Communists.