Until the Day Breaks and the Shadows Flee

Until the day breaks and the shadows flee, turn, my beloved, and be like a gazelle or like a young stag on the rugged hills.Song of Solomon, 2:17



For 113 years now, San Pascual Baylon Han Guinarona, has been doing miracles in our parish. For all those years, never has been an acknowledgment by the world at large that the Guinarona San Pascual Baylon Parish Church in Leyte, Philippines, has been a magnet for pilgrims from near and far, and it is time for rectification. Through those years, too, we have lost people actively involved in promoting the parish for pilgrimage tourism.

Of late, with the major donations by the The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the others, there has been an outstanding refurbishment of our church. Of major significance, too, is that we have had the bone relic of San Pascual Baylon since May 2012. Too, we now have a new life-size image of our dear patron saint.

In the way of water seeking its own level, it is now time to up the ante, namely, that we push for a National Shrine status.


For a church to receive the status of a national shrine involves a number of steps and certifications. It must first be a diocesan (or archdiocesan) shrine, an honor conferred by the local bishop or archbishop.[2] To become a diocesan shrine, the subject church must be a place “to which numerous members of the faithful make pilgrimage for a special reason of piety”[3] and exceed other churches in terms of worship, Christian formation and social services.[2] When these requirements are met, the parish petitions the bishop to canonically elevate the church.[2]
When devotion has grown, the diocesan shrine may petition the national Conference of Catholic Bishops. Evaluation by the nation’s bishops involves considerations including canon law, liturgy, and doctrine Wikipedia

To declare a parish church a National Shrine is indeed a great honor, but the process entails several steps and requirements. First, it has to be already a Diocesan Shrine (or Archdiocesan Shrine), it is reserved to the Bishop of the diocese to pronounce a parish as a Diocesan or Archdiocesan Shrine. It is reserved to the Bishop of the diocese to pronounce a parish a Diocesan Shrine. The Parish Church must be above other churches when it comes to worship, Christian formation and Social Services. When all these demands are met, the Priests together with the Parish Council, Parishioners and frequent church-goers should petition the Bishop to canonically elevate the church into a Diocesan Shrine.

After several years, when devotion has grown deemed and it is possible, the faithful involved in the Shrine may apply for its elevation to National level to the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP). Msgr. Jose stated how intense the inquiry would be before declaring a church National Shrine. He said, as in their case, its application will pass through a lengthy investigation by three Commissions of CBCP; namely the Commission on Canon Law, where the application will pass through a legal consultation, the Commission on Liturgy, which will scrutinize the frequency of the shrine in rendering liturgical services, and lastly, the Commission on Doctrine, to ensure the conformity of the shrine’s devotional practices to the teachings of the Universal Church.

The National Shrine of our Lady of Guadalupe was declared a Archdiocesan Shrine by the late Jaime Cardinal Sin on August 15, 2002. On April 5, 2004, the petition to elevate the shrine into National Level was made to Bishop Fernando Capalla of Davao, then CBCP President. Bishop Leonardo Medroso, head of the Episcopal Commission on Canon Law assigned Msgr. Romulo Vergara to head the investigative committee. On January 23, 2010 the CBCP approved the petition. The following month, February 5, 2010, the decree of establishment of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe was signed by the CBCP President Bishop Nereo P. Odchimar.

Upon the elevation of the Shrine, challenges await the shrine’s administration. Msgr. Jose said that the primary thing to face is to enable the Shrine to be a church that welcomes and cater to pilgrims in particular with life issues from womb to tomb. “Mary is the Mother of Jesus, of Christians; she is a type and model of the Church” said Msgr. Jose. “In the womb of the Mother Church, all are taken care of” he added. Fr. Erick however pointed on the adjustments he is about to take, adjustment from a small parish to not only a large parish but to a National Shrine. “Attracting more and more pilgrims devotees, not only in the archdiocese from other dioceses is the bigger challenge I would have to take.”

Amidst the complexity administering a shrine, Fr. Erick, by God’s grace, is ready to face what lies ahead in order to promote the devotion to our Lady especially pro-life advocacies. – The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila

We call on our people to work for this realization.

Snapshots: Colors of Balai Manuela

It Pays to Know

One of the many things I always look forward to when going home to our ancestral home in Bicol  is how my Aunt Peling paints the garden with her green thumb. Imagine seeping your favorite coffee surrounded with all these colors!!!

Southeast Asia Philippines Bicol Camarines Sur Balai Manuela Flowers 10

Southeast Asia Philippines Bicol Camarines Sur Balai Manuela Flowers 11

Southeast Asia Philippines Bicol Camarines Sur Balai Manuela Flowers 9

Southeast Asia Philippines Bicol Camarines Sur Balai Manuela Flowers 12

Southeast Asia Philippines Bicol Camarines Sur Balai Manuela Flowers 8

Southeast Asia Philippines Bicol Camarines Sur Balai Manuela Flowers 3

Southeast Asia Philippines Bicol Camarines Sur Balai Manuela Flowers 4

Southeast Asia Philippines Bicol Camarines Sur Balai Manuela Flowers 5

Southeast Asia Philippines Bicol Camarines Sur Balai Manuela Flowers 6

Southeast Asia Philippines Bicol Camarines Sur Balai Manuela Flowers 7

Southeast Asia Philippines Bicol Camarines Sur Balai Manuela Flowers 2

Southeast Asia Philippines Bicol Camarines Sur Balai Manuela Flowers 1

Mornings are always best spent with beautiful tropical flowers. More to come!!!

Photos here were taken with a Panasonic Lumix ZS20.

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The New Rectory Project.

www.kizoa.com_13267746_10209576207507953_863365463104226126_nA rectory is a residence maintained for the use of a parish priest. Traditionally, priests have been reassigned frequently to new churches in many Christian denominations, and the Church maintains residences for their use as a job benefit. Otherwise, a priest would be forced to find a new residence with each change of job, and since priests sometimes entertain guests and receive members of the congregation at home, they would be obliged to look for a residence suitable for entertaining, which could be prohibitively costly.

A variety of terms are used to describe a rectory, depending on the denomination. Parsonage, manse, vicarage, and presbytery are all forms of the rectory, for example. A typical rectory is large enough to accommodate a religious officiant and his or her family, in denominations where priests are permitted to marry. Most rectories also include guest rooms for visiting Church officials, along with a large drawing room for entertaining.

Classically, a rectory is situated close to the Church. This is convenient for the resident, of course, since it makes the commute to work short, and it ensures that the priest is available any time a member of the congregation might require religious assistance. This closeness of the rectory also reflects the administrative nature of the building; many priests use their rectories as offices, and historically the rectory was the headquarters for managing the glebe land owned by the Church.

In the case of the Guinarona San Pascual Baylon Parish, Leyte, PH, we have to have a NEW rectory in order to be considered a diocesan, regional and national shrine for San Pascual Baylon.


That we are still alive means that we still have projects to fulfill, and the new rectory is one of them.

The Legend of San Pascual Bailon

Way back, in the 17th century, in a monastery in the colonial city, Puebla de Los Angeles (City of the Angels), young brother Pascual worked in the kitchen. Being the youngest, he was assigned the lowliest duties, washing and chopping and fetching. And they kept him hopping!

Not that he minded; he was a cheerful, bouncy boy, and hopping was to his taste. So much so that they called him El Bailón, the Dancer.

One day the whole monastery was in an uproar; the Archbishop was coming to the city and would be visiting the monastery. The brothers were cleaning and polishing, airing rooms and practicing their music. In the kitchen, all hands were busy, peeling, chopping, grinding, tasting, stuffing, frying. Pascual was appointed the task of seeing to the wide cazuela, as wide as his arm was long, where a couple of turkeys simmered in a delicately-flavoured broth. His job was to fan the charcoal flames under the pot and occasionally to give the broth a stir. He felt deeply honoured by this; elated, too. He sang as he worked, and danced with the rhythm of his fanning.

Alas! He was too excited; in one of his triumphant waves of the long wooden spoon over the pot, he hit a rickety shelf on the wall above the stove. It tipped and shook.

And all the spices, the ground chiles, the chocolate for the archbishop’s evening drink, the chopped nuts and seeds, the stale bread cubes and the sugar pilones that were kept on that shelf, slipped, slid, and tumbled into the pot. Disaster!

He did his best to fish the biggest pieces out, but the pot was so big, so wide, the broth so hot, the portions of turkey so much in the way, that all he could find were bits of chile stem and a few nuts. When the head cook looked his way, he was lost. He was banned from the kitchen, sent to scrub tiles in the back patio while the cooks tried to rescue the meat.

Impossible. The archbishop was at the gates. They did the next best thing, strained the new sauce and presented it with a flourish and desperate hopes.

And the archbishop was enchanted; he pronounced this “mole”* the best dish he had ever tasted!

So Pascual, all these years hence, is now called upon by every Mexican cook as she starts her grinding and toasting for the Christmas meal; “San Pascual Bailón, fan my fire!**”

* Mole Poblano. Recipe.
** “Atiza mi fogón!”

Stories of Mexico
© Susannah Anderson, 2007

Robert Stewart @ In5D – Symptoms, Revelations of Photonic Energy – 5-9-17

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Photonic Energy

by Robert Stewart,
Guest writer, In5D.com


Are your ears ringing? Do high pitched tones overwhelm your senses whenever you sit in a quiet moment?

You’ve likely been reading about the energies pouring across Earth at this time, and the symptoms they are causing to your physical and etheric bodies. Are you feeling the energies and the changes they bring? Perhaps, you’ve read other articles that guide you through the processing of these energies – these light frequencies, into your consciousness.  Still, many of you may not be aware of the grand dynamic at play in our galaxy that ushers in these changes into our time and space.

So, a brief recap: “Every 13,000 years or so, planet Earth comes into a space/time overlap or period of NULL-TIME… an electromagnetic no-zone or energy vacuum, with complete absence of electromagnetic fields and the temporary suspension of the planetary grid system.”

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A Call To Patriots

By: Hon. Gary C. Alejano

Magandang araw po sa inyong lahat. Nais ko lamang sagutin ang mga patutsada ng Pangulong Duterte patungkol sa aming nakaraan at ng aming ipinaglalaban bilang miyembro ng Magdalo. Ang layunin nito ay para malinawan ang hindi nakakaalam at matigil ang pagpalaganap ng kasinungalingan ng pangulo at panlilinlang sa taumbayan.

Ako ay nalulungkot dahil ang opisina ng panguluhan ay naging peryahan na sa halip na bigyan ng malinaw na direksyon ang bansa ang Pangulo ay naging entertainer na kayang magtapon ng iresponsable at kabastusan na komento sa harap ng ating kababayan sa ibang bansa and he gets away with it.

Ano ba talaga ang ipinaglalaban ng Magdalo? Mainam din namang muling bisitahin ang mga hinaing ng grupo. Sa aming karanasan bilang mga batang sundalo, nakita namin ang realidad sa kanayunan na kung saan laganap ang kahirapan, kakulangan ng serbisyo sa mahihirap, kurapsiyon at inhustisya. Kasama na dito ang mga katiwalian sa loob ng organisasyon ng Hukbong Sandatahan ng Pilipinas katulad ng pagbebenta ng baril at bala sa grupong rebelde at local politicians, kurapsiyon sa logistics at comptrollership, paba-on system, housing, benepisyo sa mga namamatay at nasusugatan na mga sundalo at iba pa.

Hindi po namin pakay ang makikipagdigma sa kapwa sundalo at pulis dahil ang kanilang kapakanan ang siya din namang aming ipinaglalaban. Sa dalawang pagkakataon sa Oakwood at Manila Penn incidents, ni isang putok ay di namin ginawa dahil ang mahalaga sa amin ay ang mensahe na aming sasabihin at hindi ang posibleng madugong labanan sa pagitan namin kahit pa man karamihan sa amin ay beterano na sa pakikidigma laban sa mga rebelde at kahit dala-dala namin ang malalakas at makabagong gamit sa AFP nang panahong iyon.

Ang isyu ng pagnakaw ng “kutsara, tinidor, towel at bedsheets”. Ang masabi ko lang, Pangulong Duterte huwag mong baguhin ang kasaysayan sa pamagitan ng pagsisinungaling. Maraming tao ang nakakaalam na ito’y hindi totoo. Mas mabuting itanong mo na lang sa media personalities na nandoon sa pangyayari. Harapin mo ang isyu ng diretso at iwasang ilihis ito sa walang kwentang panlalait ng tao lalong-lalo na kung ito ay walang katotohanan.

Ganun pa man, ang aming pagprotesta ay nagsanhi ng iba’t ibang imbestigasasyon upang alamin ang ugat ng aming hinaing. Mula dito nagkaroon ng mga rekomendasyon para sa ikakabuti ng AFP. Nagkaroon ng reporma sa comptroller ng AFP, ang budget para sa frontline units ay diretso nang binibigay sa kanila, naging maayos ang suplay ng uniporme at baril sa mga sundalo, nalantad at naayos ang isyu ng pabaon sa mga nagreretirong heneral, at iba pa.

Ngayon po laging sinasabi ng presidente at ng kanyang supporters na wala naman kaming nagawa sa bansa. Ang kapasidad ng isang tao na gumawa ng isang bagay para sa bansa ay naayon sa kanyang tungkulin o trabaho. In our case, we were soldiers before and now as legislators as we represent the Magdalo group.

Bilang mga sundalo noon, kami po ay nagtaya na ng aming buhay laban sa kalaban ng estado. Nagtiis na maiwanan ang mahal sa buhay upang magampanan ang sinumpaang tungkulin. Ilan sa amin ay may bahid ng tama ng bala sa katawan. Ang ilan ay namatay na. Kami po ay nakulong at nagdusa ng mahabang panahon dahil sa aming ipinaglaban.
Dahil sa pagnanais na maging bahagi ng solusyon sa mga problemang aming nakikita kami ay nakilahok sa eleksyon upang makapag impluwensiya sa mga importanteng polisiya ng bansa. Kami ay nabigyan ng mandato ng taong bayan sa katauhan ni Antonio Trillanes bilang senador at ang iyong lingkod bilang representante ng Magdalo Partylist. Sa aming panunungkulan, ang mga sumusunod ay ilan lang sa mga importanteng nagawa ng grupo para sa AFP at PNP:

A. Authored New AFP Modernization Law
B. Salary Standardization Law 3
D. Increase of Subsistence Allowance for Uniformed Personnel from P90 to P150
E. Passing of an Act declaring the last full week of August as Armed Forces of the Filipino Week.
F. Passing of an Act increasing the burial assistance for veterans from ten thousand pesos (P10,000.00) to twenty thousand pesos (P20,000.00).
G. Construction of AFP Offices, Quarters and Barracks for Active Officers and Personnel

Bills and Resolutions
Previous Congress Bills and Resolutions Filed Bills Passed Into Law Remarks
Office of Senator TRILLANES (14th to 16th Congress) 1109 65 Laws Most Productive Senator
MAGDALO Partylist (16th Congress) 515 13 Laws Among the Most Productive Partylist
Other Benefits facilitated to Constituents
Programs Number of Beneficiaries
Scholarship/Student Financial Assistance 36,500
Food/ relief distribution/medical dental mission 200,000
Medical Assistance 135,000
TOTAL 371,500

Infrastructures facilitated – more than 1,000 projects.
Sa puntong ito, ako rin po ay magtatanong kay Presidente Duterte. Noong kayo po ay congressman ng Davao, ilan bang batas at panukalang batas ang iyong nagawa? Kayo na mismo ang nagsabi minsan na panay lamang panonood mo ng sine.
Pangalawa, alam po naming may ginawa ka sa Davao bilang mayor pero ako po ay magtatanong lamang. Noong nalalagay ba ang aming buhay sa balag ng alanganin dahil sa pakikipaglaban sa bandidong Abu Sayaff, at rebeldeng NPA at MILF nasaan ka?
– Hindi ba na ikaw ang kumukokop, sumusuporta at nagbibigay ng sanctuary sa mga rebeldeng NPA sa Davao?
– Hindi ba na ikaw ang nagsabi sa mga negosyante sa Davao na bahagi lamang ng negosyo ang pagbayad ng revolutionary taxes sa mga NPA?
– Hindi ba na inamin mo mismo noong December 2012 na ikaw ay nagbabayad ng revolutionary taxes sa NPA na umabot sa P125 million kada taon? Ilang milyon na ba ang nabigay mo sa kanila mula sa intelligence fund ng City sa buong panunungkulan mo sa Davao City?
– Hindi ba na binigyan mo nang hero’s burial at funeral si Kumader Paragon a iyong matalik na kaibigan?
– Sa lahat ba ng suporta mo sa NPA pinansiyal at pagkanlong sa kanila, ilang sundalo na ba ang namatay, nasugatan, o nakidnap dahil dito?
– Hindi ba po tayo nagtataka na kahit ilang sundalo na ang patraidor na pinatay sa panahon ng ceasefire at parang galit na galit ang pangulo na sinabi na papatagin ang kabundukan para habulin ang mga NPA at kinabukasan ay biglang pihit at sinabi niya na tuloy ang peacetalks?
– Hindi ba kataksilan sa bayan ang ginawa mo nang nanumpa kang ipagtanggol ang Constitution at ang Republika ng Pilipinas habang nagbibigay ka ng ayuda sa mga rebelde gamit mismo ang pondo ng kaban ng bayan?
– Hindi ba umiiral ngayon ang isang coalition government sa pagitan ninyo ng CPP-NPA-NDF dahil sa pag-appoint mo sa iyong gabinete mula sa kanilang hanay na kung saan bilyon bilyong pondo ng bansa ang nasa kanilang impluwensiya?
– Hindi mo ba nililinlang lamang ang kasundaluhan at ang taong bayan sa iyong pakay na gawing sosyalista ang bansang ito ayon sa ideology ng Communist Party of the Philippines?
-Ito ba ang dahilan kung bakit niyayakap mo ang kumonistang Tsina at galit na galit ka sa bansang Amerika?
– Ano ba ang iyong sekretong kasunduan sa bansang Tsina at mukhang napaka amo mo sa kanila kahit tahasang nilalabag ang integridad ng territoryo ng ating bansa?
Marami pa po akong katanungan sa Pangulo na mas mahalaga pa kaysa isyu ng pagnanakaw ng tuwalya, kutsara at tinidor sa isang hotel.

Patungkol naman sa hamon ng Pangulo na pangunahan namin ang pagdepensa sa Spratlys at Scarborough laban sa mga Chinese. Nais ko lang banggitin na kami ay sang ayon sa independent foreign policy at pakikipagkaibigan sa China ngunit dapat hindi kapalit nito ang ating territoryo at soberenya.
Pinapaalalahan ko ang pangulo na kung meron mang isang tao na unang tatayo at dedepensahan ang bansa iyon ay wala nang iba kundi siya at hindi magturo sa kanino man.

Ngunit sa halip na gawin ito mistulang binasura niya ang Hague Ruling na paborable sa atin kapalit ng ilang bilyon na investments at loans sa bansa. Tayo ay pumasok sa bitag ng Tsina na kung saan kinagat natin ang option na magaan at may pera pa pero at the expense naman ng ating claims sa WPS sa ngayon and in the future. Lingid sa kaalaman ng Pilipino na ang pautang na ito ay desenyo upang talian ang ating leeg sa mahabang panahon at mawalan tayo ng pagkakataong umangal sa kagustuhan nila.
Dahil dito bumuo ng narrative ang pangulo na sapagkat tayo ay mahina at walang kakayanan hindi tayo makikipag-giyera sa Tsina at tama lamang na hayaan natin sila. Ito ay paglilinlang sa atin sapagkat hindi lamang giyera ang kaparaanan paano i-assert ang ating karapatan sa WPS. Marami pang non-military options. Ang giyera ay dapat ay last option kung darating man tayo diyan.

We should increase our civilian activities because the volume of activities is a clear manifestation of our intention to assert our rights in WPS. We can empower our fishermen while building shelter and providing them support in our islands. Make our islands habitable, sustainable and comfortable. We can make these islands as tourism areas and open them to tourists. We can task our concerned agencies to conduct comprehensive marine survey and research in the area. We can beef up our coast guard fleet to conduct patrol in the area. Set up appropriate development and regulatory commission for Benham Rise. In fact, I have filed one. Ilan lang ito sa mga dapat gawin.

Ganun pa man, kung hahantong tayo sa labanan ng pwersa ng Tsina, kami po ay boluntaryong sasama dahil isang karangalan ang magsilbi sa bayan.

Maraming salamat.

My Beef With President Noy Aquino

By: Borgy Borgonia


My biggest peeve about Aquino: he just couldn’t let things settle with both the Marcoses and the Arroyos. Yes, they done fucked up. But you don’t have to fucking remind us every time you have the chance!

I didn’t have a problem with the bus incident and why he didn’t apologize because if he did that, he would compromise the country. Sure, it villified him, but it was necessary.

I didn’t have a problem with Yolanda. I worked for the government for 5 years. I know it takes years for places to recover from calamities of that level. And it was justified. COA outed Romualdez. The problem was too many people expected miracles and instant solutions and let emotions get in the way of understanding how processes and systems work. Just ask the victims of Hurricane Katrina who are still rebuilding after all this time. U.S. pa yun. Harsh reality: Walang instant maliban sa pancit canton.

I didn’t have a problem with SAF44. They were on a mission out on the field. There were errors and miscommunications in the chain of command. There was greed and pride involved which colored decision making. But blaming Aquino? If you don’t know how these operations work, particularly this one which was mired with problems, don’t fucking throw blame if you don’t know the right target.

I didn’t have a problem with “Laglag Bala”, because I knew it was an underhanded tactic that only showed up conveniently during campaign season. And disappeared just as quickly. If this was going on before that, you’d fucking better believe it would have spread fast. People on the inside of NAIA are not known for keeping their mouths shut. Tattletales are everywhere there.

I did have a problem with Luisita. More for his silence than anything.

I did have a problem with how he’s often slow to address internal administrative concerns, though he did act on them. He could have acted faster and not waste taxpayer’s money by axing the problem personnel sooner.

I did have a problem with how he was non-commital to issues about health care professionals’ compensation.

I did have a problem when he didn’t react to defend himself. Come on, man! Not addressing your critics is ok most of the time, but speak up when it’s critical. Being meek doesn’t mean to be passive all of the time.

And he was boring for the most part.

But I can’t deny the results. The economy was fine; better than fine. The world knew it. Banks knew it. Investors knew it. Under his watch, the sunshine industry of BPOs grew from being a trend to being a reliable industry employing 2 million+. We weren’t just relying on our OFW remittances anymore. Heck, minimum fare was P7! The last time that happened, Ramos was still the president. Only the people who can’t accept the truth denied how stable, even prosperous, the country was. He was the first President in over 30 years that was going to leave the office on a high economic footing, regardless of whoever won the elections.

The armed forces finally got new toys. Take note that Arroyo pretty much derailed any military improvement for nearly 10 years. 10 FUCKING YEARS. Aquino addressed that by getting brand new stuff rather than only refurbished and hand-me downs. Our fighting forces could actually retire the way past their time assault rifles. Our Air Force got, and continue to get, actual jets that aren’t just training props. We are getting Frigates, brand new ones, bidded and bought in the next few years.

And he wisely stood his ground and spat in Red China’s face. Where his predecessors looked up in the sky and pretended it’s not their problem, he pushed for recognition in the world arena that the bully dragon would not simply stride uncontested in OUR backyard. And we got support. HEAPS OF SUPPORT. Our neighbors realized they didn’t have to let Red China do as it pleases. That singular defiance made us realize again we are of noble, fearless blood.

And, fuck, there was an active DRUG OFFENSIVE. But people don’t recall because they aren’t named something fancy like OPLAN DOUBLE BARREL ALPHA (which really sounds like a movie starring Derek Dee, Ronald Gan Ledesma, and Mikey Arroyo). Just take a look at all the successful operations done which are documented in news. NOBODY TALKS ABOUT THOSE BECAUSE THEY WEREN’T IN-YOUR-FACE AND FEW CASUALTIES INVOLVED BY COMPARISON TO TODAY. It’s idiotic to think just because the “drug war” now is more bombastic that it is more effective. Quite the contrary, if you take off your Duterte covered glasses.

Yes, Aquino had faults. Lots of them. But he never made the country as chaotic and divisive as it is today. And he never compromised our national identity. I’d rather have a boring and lackluster president that has more positive, long term results, than one that is all entertaining bravado and big talk, but has little regard for the laws, lives, and the land he is sworn to protect.