Until the Day Breaks and the Shadows Flee

Until the day breaks and the shadows flee, turn, my beloved, and be like a gazelle or like a young stag on the rugged hills.Song of Solomon, 2:17



For 113 years now, San Pascual Baylon Han Guinarona, has been doing miracles in our parish. For all those years, never has been an acknowledgment by the world at large that the Guinarona San Pascual Baylon Parish Church in Leyte, Philippines, has been a magnet for pilgrims from near and far, and it is time for rectification. Through those years, too, we have lost people actively involved in promoting the parish for pilgrimage tourism.

Of late, with the major donations by the The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the others, there has been an outstanding refurbishment of our church. Of major significance, too, is that we have had the bone relic of San Pascual Baylon since May 2012. Too, we now have a new life-size image of our dear patron saint.

In the way of water seeking its own level, it is now time to up the ante, namely, that we push for a National Shrine status.


For a church to receive the status of a national shrine involves a number of steps and certifications. It must first be a diocesan (or archdiocesan) shrine, an honor conferred by the local bishop or archbishop.[2] To become a diocesan shrine, the subject church must be a place “to which numerous members of the faithful make pilgrimage for a special reason of piety”[3] and exceed other churches in terms of worship, Christian formation and social services.[2] When these requirements are met, the parish petitions the bishop to canonically elevate the church.[2]
When devotion has grown, the diocesan shrine may petition the national Conference of Catholic Bishops. Evaluation by the nation’s bishops involves considerations including canon law, liturgy, and doctrine Wikipedia

To declare a parish church a National Shrine is indeed a great honor, but the process entails several steps and requirements. First, it has to be already a Diocesan Shrine (or Archdiocesan Shrine), it is reserved to the Bishop of the diocese to pronounce a parish as a Diocesan or Archdiocesan Shrine. It is reserved to the Bishop of the diocese to pronounce a parish a Diocesan Shrine. The Parish Church must be above other churches when it comes to worship, Christian formation and Social Services. When all these demands are met, the Priests together with the Parish Council, Parishioners and frequent church-goers should petition the Bishop to canonically elevate the church into a Diocesan Shrine.

After several years, when devotion has grown deemed and it is possible, the faithful involved in the Shrine may apply for its elevation to National level to the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP). Msgr. Jose stated how intense the inquiry would be before declaring a church National Shrine. He said, as in their case, its application will pass through a lengthy investigation by three Commissions of CBCP; namely the Commission on Canon Law, where the application will pass through a legal consultation, the Commission on Liturgy, which will scrutinize the frequency of the shrine in rendering liturgical services, and lastly, the Commission on Doctrine, to ensure the conformity of the shrine’s devotional practices to the teachings of the Universal Church.

The National Shrine of our Lady of Guadalupe was declared a Archdiocesan Shrine by the late Jaime Cardinal Sin on August 15, 2002. On April 5, 2004, the petition to elevate the shrine into National Level was made to Bishop Fernando Capalla of Davao, then CBCP President. Bishop Leonardo Medroso, head of the Episcopal Commission on Canon Law assigned Msgr. Romulo Vergara to head the investigative committee. On January 23, 2010 the CBCP approved the petition. The following month, February 5, 2010, the decree of establishment of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe was signed by the CBCP President Bishop Nereo P. Odchimar.

Upon the elevation of the Shrine, challenges await the shrine’s administration. Msgr. Jose said that the primary thing to face is to enable the Shrine to be a church that welcomes and cater to pilgrims in particular with life issues from womb to tomb. “Mary is the Mother of Jesus, of Christians; she is a type and model of the Church” said Msgr. Jose. “In the womb of the Mother Church, all are taken care of” he added. Fr. Erick however pointed on the adjustments he is about to take, adjustment from a small parish to not only a large parish but to a National Shrine. “Attracting more and more pilgrims devotees, not only in the archdiocese from other dioceses is the bigger challenge I would have to take.”

Amidst the complexity administering a shrine, Fr. Erick, by God’s grace, is ready to face what lies ahead in order to promote the devotion to our Lady especially pro-life advocacies. – The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila

We call on our people to work for this realization.

Startling Insight of Donald Trump’s Election, Intention and The Science of Ascension Explained ~ A QHHT Session Segment by Suzanne Spooner

Ummm, for real? As in, Trump’s higher self will prevail?

TAUK Messages


Hi Everyone,

So where to begin this discussion and introduction to this interesting QHHT Session Segment YouTube clip found at the end of this post. Let’s start at the beginning of a QHHT session I gave Friday, November 11th at 11 am. (11/11/11)🙂 Todd, my client, arrived and as we made introductions we lightly discussed the recent U.S. presidential election. In that brief exchange I would have thought he was quite neutral and maybe leaned more away from Donald and towards Hillary. Again, this was all very brief before we settled into his session.

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Hillary Clinton on the Appointment of António Guterres as UN Secretary General


Hillary Clinton Statement on Appointment of António Guterres as UN Secretary General

Today, Hillary Clinton released the following statement on the official appointment of António Guterres as the next United Nations Secretary-General:

“I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to António Guterres on his appointment as the next Secretary-General of the United Nations. Throughout his career, Mr. Guterres has proven himself to be an advocate for human rights and a champion for the most vulnerable. As UN High Commissioner for Refugees, he provided help and hope to millions of men, women and children who have been forced to flee from their homes.  And he is a consensus-builder who can bring people together to advance common interests and address common challenges. I was heartened that Mr. Guterres indicated that gender equality will be a top priority when filling senior positions. I strongly support efforts that increase diversity in UN leadership…

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The Wolf in the living room: A healing story by Julia Huffman – TEDxFargo

Whatever happens to the wolf happens to man. Capiche?

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

Award winning filmmaker Julia Huffman (Medicine of the Wolf) takes us on a journey from her beginnings of being adopted and then the healing that took place with her first dog Bozo. This relationship with her canine, ultimatley led her to discovering the profound power of healing that both dogs and wolves (the dog cousin) have on humans and the planet.

Filmmaker Julia Huffman won the Animal Content in Entertainment Award from the Humane Society of the United States as well as various other awards for her documentary Medicine of the Wolf. The film was predominantly funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign, with people from all over the world donating to see the film happen. In this beautiful and important documentary, filmmaker Julia Huffman travels to Minnesota into wolf country to pursue the deep intrinsic value of the species. Medicine of the Wolf centers on the remarkable, world-renowned environmentalist and National Geographic photographer Jim Brandenburg…

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Why Malacanang had to Stop the Senate Hearing at all Cost & Proof of Senators’ Evil Scheme to Sabotage the Hearing


…the problem started when the Senate decided to have a face-to-face confrontation or identification of the D.D.S. members with Matobato. The President’s senators were later informed that these DDS members, mostly police officers, indeed knew Matobato and putting them under a face-to-face confrontation will make Matobato credible – he really knew them all! something Malacanang and the President’s senators sorely wanted to avoid. And worse this could lead to even more proofs that will confirm the existence of D.D.S. So they had to do something fast to stop that – at all cost… Then…

…the big show started at the next Senate hearing with the sudden outburst of Senator Gordon, a known Duterte puppy, against his beloved President. His over-acting was very obvious but he had me fooled for a while. Later I thought, so this was the reason he started attacking his beloved president – trying hard to…

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Is There a God?

With what is obtaining in the Philippines, many are asking if there is a God.

They are questioning why God gave them Duterte as president, as abhorrent as that can be.

Let’s go with the premise that God is everywhere, that God is omnipresent.

So, the question is, what if God is one of us?

Then throw away this existential angst.

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Scarborough Shoal: Close Encounters with China


Scarborough Shoal: Close Encounters with China. Written by Bam Alegre for SubSelfie.com.

Technically, the place is merely a collection of rocks and reefs. But its numerous names mirror the tension that has engulfed its waters. China believes it is Huangyan Dao based on their historical claims. Filipino fishermen from Zambales refer to it as Kalburo or Bajo de Masinloc or Panatag Shoal — a safe haven against storms.

But for the rest of the world, it is Scarborough Shoal, the focus of a territorial dispute between the Philippines and China.

Photo courtesy: Ateneo de Manila University. “This map, published in 1710 by Heinrich Scherer, shows Hainan island as the southernmost territory of China. This map also shows the unnamed Spratlys as part of the Philippines.” Photo courtesy: Ateneo de Manila University.

Last July 12, 2016, the United Nations Arbitration Tribunal denied the legal basis of China’s historic claiming rights in the area. The ruling also declared that China violated the sovereign rights of the Philippines by interfering with Filipino fishermen, failing…

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