The Leeches at Mt. Lubi and Serendipity

Or is there a connection between the ongoing and massive fish kills worldwide and the aggressiveness of bugs and their bites?  Funny that gnats, ticks and bugs are suddenly everywhere and bite your behind–and with beneficial results.  Like, all of a sudden you get cured of your diabetes-like symptoms–being effingly crappy at certain times of day.  Answered prayers?  Or thank you, mean insektos!

Guinarona, with Mt. Lubi in the background

Which brings us back to the time we trudged to Mt. Lubi, west of Guinarona.  This was in the 70’s, and we went there for no other reason than to buy timber from the Tuscanos, who had this huge concession area halfway up the mountain.  There was no other way than to pass Kasigpitan,  a nature bridge between ravines, made up of huge tree roots.  Imagine that:  One false step by you or your carabao and you are both dead meat.  So naturally, you dial up your self-preservation numbers and be on high alert.  Jesus, we dismount from the carabao and let it negotiate the pass by itself, and do the crossing using all your wits, all the while grabbing at vines and the mossy mountain wall.

Dark, dank, and with a very thick carpet of dead leaves–that’s the slopes of Mt Lobi for you.  The reality hits you that you are in a rainforest, precisely because it rains every 30 minutes or so, however bright and sunny it is.  And your ordeal in getting the timber never ends, with the millions of limatok or forest leeches coming for your butt.  Jeez, you call all the saints in heaven, because even if you don’t feel it, the dang leeches are occupying all parts of your body.  Jeezus.

Yes, a good therapy for you–being eaten into by leeches and bugs–and whatever ails you disappears.  Same difference.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    The forest leeches are just gross! Yuck!

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