Think (and Manifest) with the Heart

We don’t know what’s with the epoch that we live in, but wonders always crop up for our daily savoring.  For one thing, the dictum that the earth is but a school for us to learn the art of life before we graduate to another dimension, nay before we “go home”, is now more stark, thanks in no small part to the World Wide Web.  Now, more than ever, one can educate oneself outside of the four walls of a classroom, and the resources are there at the speed of a mouse’s click.

For instance. we have wondered how a lot of blind people ever achieved self-realization, in spite of being bereft of sight.  It could not be because of natural selection, because even blind dogs have this adaptive ability.  Then this eureka moment comes upon us, that it is the heart that does the wonder.  That the heart is autonomous and that it thinks independent of the brain.  Also, whereas the brain thinks in terms of duality (good versus bad), the heart, meanwhile, thinks unilaterally–meaning that its knowledge is absolute.  “When in doubt, just follow your heart” has a solid basis, after all.

In ancient Egypt, when a person died, the embalmers would discard the brain but keep the heart.  Even then, our ancestors knew the pantheon where the heart belongs.  Of recent vintage is the discovery by the Kirlian photography, that upon death, the brain stops functioning long before the heart does.Snapshot_1

Inasmuch as we are here on earth to learn. how do we think with our heart, thereby obtaining the correct wisdom (and correct decisions) and manifesting our desires? The pioneers in this school of thought suggest the following:

  • Blast some background music in the 528 Hz range.
  • Do some deep breathing exercise. Like so, inhale (count one to six), exhale (count one to six), and so on. . .
  • Stay still (and still doing the deep breathing) and go deep into your inner core, the deep void within.
  • Keep meditating for thirty minutes and do this daily. Your heart knows what you want, so there is no need to articulate that.

They are saying that what comes to your life in the course of doing the meditation will be automatic.

So there you go, a new technique at self-empowerment in the Internet age.

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