The Onus of Rebuilding

A tropical rain forest.

With Super Typhoon Haiyan–the strongest typhoon in human history–now a memory, the onus of rebuilding and its nastiness takes hold. (As if we had a choice.) Nasty because everybody is clamoring for the same materials and their finite supply, hence the through-the-roof prices. Nasty because some people want to just show off, never mind that being a “hambog” in these interesting times is passe. Never mind that the times call for out-of-the-box ideas and solutions.

Take the issue of forest timber. Of course, Guinarona has one of the last virgin forests standing in Mt. Lubi. The problem is, utilizing even the ones felled by the super typhoon has the onus of the government pouncing on you, not to mention the payback in terms of flash floods in the magnitude that happened in Ormoc City in 1991. So that option is out.

Let us count the ways of rebuilding without forest timber.

Option 1. Build with clay, grass and bamboo. Not only is it aesthetically cool, the abode is also very cozy and inviting.

A clay house with grass roof.

Option 2. Build with concrete and bamboo. Also use bamboo lattice as concrete reinforcement.

House of concrete and bamboo from
A coconut-concrete house. Photo by Mark Abrematea.

Option 3. Build with coconut timber and concrete. Of course, this is with the hope that people were able to preserve the felled coconut trunks from degradation.

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