Meeting the Mareación and Paying Attention

Yes, as a living human, you can dig into the spirit world.

Conversations with Don Machinga and Other Beings

the world of  noyarao The World of Noiya Rao (artist unknown)

I am currently about half-way through a nine-week dieta with the legendary Amazonian tree Noiya Rao, also known in Spanish as Palo Volador (the flying tree).

The seventy-seven year old Shipibo Maestro B. is the undisputed main source of knowledge and training regarding this tree. He claims that being able to receive and work with the spirit of this tree is all that is needed to become a healer. He also says that the tree is “el camino a la verdad” – the path to the truth. He has been drinking ayahuasca since he was five after his family, which has a long shamanic lineage, recognized his special talent. For a haunting recording by Howard Charing from 2002, of Maestro B. singing a Noiya Rao icaro, click here.

Friends who have been dieting longer with this tree – the full

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