On the New San Pascual

The new San Pascual Baylon de Guinarona

STATUS REPORT, the new San Pascual Baylon de Guinarona.

In the same manner that there are changes to the altar of the Guinarona SPB Parish Church (it is being razed to give way to a new and modern one), our new San Pascual image is now standing and its hands free of any accoutrements. The Eucharist is now placed on top of a polished driftwood instead.

San Pascual’s devotion to the Eucharist was extant even when he was still a baby, and his visions of it was at its most intense when he was a shepherd–and it’s in the fields that we find the driftwood.

In a sense, therefore, the disappearance of our original San Pascual in June 2010 heralded CHANGE, for which we in the community are responding to and accepting.

At HUWAG MALALIMOT SA AMBAG NATIN. Pakibigay lang sa ating treasurer, si Helen B. Gumba, Blk 5, Lot 10, P5 , V&G Tacloban City.

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