Father and Son

Peter Ignacio is the father of a boy, now entering high school. He himself did not reach secondary school, having to quit it to help his parents till their farm. Peter married late, in his 40’s, to Criselda, a comely lass from the neighboring barrio. They only had a son, Ricardo, 13 and in the fist year of high school.

Peter is not intelligent by any means, only an average person. He nonetheless has harbored the wish of finishing high school, and now that wife Criselda can ably manage their thriving store, he has decided to enroll, but kept the fact under wraps as a surprise to his son. Surprised Ricardo was not. In fact, the boy hated the prospect of being in a class with his father.

When the class started. Ricardo’s eyes blew out of their sockets, when he realized his father is now his classmate. At the back of the boy’s mind, he feared the bullying, the taunts from his peers. When the class dismissed for the day, and father and son were on the way home, Ricardo was trying to dissuade Peter from continuing forth. Out of his love for his son, Peter agreed to quit, but that he will consult first with Mrs. Cesar, the class teacher-adviser. Mrs. Cesar put her foot down, even before Peter could utter a word. She would not hear about it, for she believes that everybody should get a shot at education, be they young or old.

Ricardo’s fears about taunts and bullying did not materialize and the father and son went on with their high school education.

Four years has now passed since their first year of high school. It’s now graduation time.

Ricardo and Peter were not honor students, but they persevered, they boned up where it mattered. At the commencement ceremonies, the school surprised them with an award, the Exemplary Father-Son Award. The applause in the auditorium was deafening.

On to college now. Peter decided to stay in the barrio and just let his son Ricardo go for it. At least, he has graduated from high school–and that’s the bottom line for him now.

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