Philippines, before I go to sleep, I pray that the killings stop, and in the morning…

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I was in my teens when the late (dictator) Ferdinand Marcos Sr., placed the entire country under Martial Law. I vividly remember that day, September 21, 1972; because the following day was my birthday. A nationwide curfew was installed; hence nobody is allowed to go out after 10pm. I heard a lot of rumours or talks about some incidents of police abuses in the countryside but it did not bother me that much, maybe because I am still too young to grasp everything.

At that time, somehow I can sense that the situation is getting tighter for my parents as the prices of basic commodities are spiralling upward; and in some cases, there were no supplies available in the local sari-sari (thrift) stores. I remember in many occasions, together with my sister, we have to visit at least five to ten grocery stores…

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