O Mahagnao!

In the late 50’s and early 60’s, Guinarona‘s patriarch, Jose B. Raquel, worked on pleadings and resolutions with Congress to make Guinarona a separate town and to enact the law proclaiming Mahagnao Lake and Volcano a national park. To date, only the latter came about.

With a team of three persons, Apoy Jose would trek to Mahagnao to gather first hand information and to take photos. They would camp there for five days, after which they would descend to civilization.

With bravado and flourish, Apoy Jose would explain the importance of having a national park. What is imprinted in my mind though are the photos that they took of the hot springs, the lake, the forests. And in all of them, there were captures of Indian looking “ghosts” with feathered hair bands. Each of the ghosts had mean looking spears.

What are the chances of American Indians appearing in the Philippines through the ether? Might it be that everything is interconnected through an invisible cord?

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