An Exercise in Divination

Owing to the mysterious nature of life, man, from the beginning, has been fascinated with divining the future. We are familiar with the story of the Three Magi, who divined from the position of the stars, that the Messiah was coming, and that the birth was to be heralded by a giant star.

Modern man cannot escape this fascination either. There are so many ways of divination according to the philosophy and group think that one belongs to. Examples are the I-Ching, the Tarot, seashells, tea leaves, runes, etc.

The Mahjong Tarot by Fiona Benjamin is a new if revolutionary addition to the arsenal of tarot divinations. Our take on it is that the reading is so alive, it is as if you are being nudged from your core–very uncannily accurate as to your present circumstances. One does hope that the future occurrences will likewise be as compelling as the present insights.

Our reading:


Should you want to avail yourself of Fiona’s amazingly accurate tarot readings, you may book an appointment with her on her website.

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